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Writing with Results
A Canadian Bestseller!

By JoAnne Moore
Canadian: $39.95
American: $39.95
Book Summary: Are you puzzled that captivating ideas don’t necessarily generate a good story? Have you wondered how children can be led through the stages of story planning to turn their story motifs into vivid imagery? In this book keys to dynamic writing are presented. You will learn how to use a simple story growth chart to balance the planning difficulty of assignments with the skill level you expect. Discover how to paint vivid mental pictures by using the method of "showing" instead of "telling". Authors start with verb-based language to create a story built on action. They use the "showing" technique to depict a character’s emotions and motives, and they use sensory imagery to build effective settings, encounters, and new experiences. Secondly, uncover how to use books to build a grasp of plot and resolution.
Teach your students the six basic story plot and resolution patterns used by authors. The six story plots are: copycat, contest, switch, circle, stuck, and transformation. Use the book lists and the plot and resolution questions to help your class develop a grasp of plot and resolution and write great stories. This book covers a year’s writing curriculum for grades one to six. Assignments include: story writing, poetry, newspapers, journals, book reports, letter writing, reports, essays, autobiographies, biographies, sentences, paragraphs, and a section on how to write with very beginning writers. Have fun with this practical guide!


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