3rd Grade SMARTS in Language Arts – Home Educator's Edition


Grade 3 Smart Start in Language Arts: Home Educator's Edition

A Complete Program of Language Arts Instruction for Grade 3

The grade three English language arts programs develops fiction and non-fiction reading skills and broadens writing skills. In a five day week, children work on reading comprehension for three days and writing skills for the other two. For the reading component, one of the five days focuses on a novel study, another is for independent reading and the last is for non-fiction reading skills. Children develop their non-fiction reading skills through learning about how magazines are organized and the types of articles found inside them.

Writing instruction encompasses a variety of activities. These include: handwriting, spelling, punctuation and capitalization, dictionary and grammar skills, paragraphs, poetry, a research report and story writing.

Parents are shown how to teach their children step by step through a detailed teacher's manual with answer keys.

Bullet 3rd Grade SMARTS in Language Arts: Home Education Edition was written specifically for home educators.

Bullet Child is guided by a workbook that teaches fiction and non-fiction reading skills, writing and spelling skills in a sequential order. These are applied in the lessons and reviewed until mastery is obtained.

Bullet Parents discover a simple, effective method of teaching language arts using a teacher's manual. Lesson plans and answer keys are presented in a simple, straightforward manner.

The Foundation in Grade Three Matters

Did you know that...

  • Grade three is the last time phonics skills are reviewed?
  • Learning non-fiction reading strategies in grade three will make it much easier to succeed in grade four?
  • The amount of writing expected in all subject areas increases significantly from second to third grade?

Reading for Understanding RAND Reading Study Group 2002
National Reading Panel 2000

3rd Grade SMARTS in Language Arts Novel Studies:

1. Jigsaw Jones: The Case of Hermie the Missing Hamster by James Preller
Indigo Books | Amazon
2. Louis Braille by Margaret Davidson
Scholastic | Amazon
3. The Whipping Boy by Sid Fleishman
Scholastic | Amazon
4. Optional Novel Study: The Littles by John Peterson
Scholastic | Amazon

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